Easy Sweet Popcorn Recipe For Fall (Vegan)


In the spirit of Halloween, it's time to gather your besties for a movie night complete with this sweet popcorn recipe for fall. vegan popcorn | toppings | fall popcorn | treats | ideas | movie nights | dairy free | how to make | parties | snack ideas | simple | halloween | homemade popcorn seasoning

Although I am a scary movie buff year-round, I love this time of year when the fall weather gives us an excuse to cozy up and watch Halloween movies with delicious vegan snacks and spiked hot cider on hand. Ever since my friend introduced me to his signature sweet popcorn recipe, it has become a fall tradition among our friends to serve it at every movie night between September and November, and it is now a quintessential part of me and my girlfriends’ annual Hocus Pocus viewing ‘party’ held at the apartment.

As my friends will attest, the moment you taste this popcorn you will be hooked — it has been aptly described as tasting inexplicably “like fall” and although I tend to gravitate towards savoury over sweet popcorn, this homemade popcorn seasoning recipe strikes the perfect balance between the sweetness of the sugar and the depth of the spices. The cinnamon incites feelings of coziness when paired with the warmth of the clove and nutmeg, while the ginger provides a subtle kick that makes this sweet popcorn topping totally addictive.

Read after the jump to learn how to make this sweet popcorn recipe that’s perfect for fall…

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How To Up Your Vegan Fashion Game Using The KonMari Method


If you are vegetarian or vegan and want to have a truly cruelty-free lifestyle then you must only surround yourself with things that aspire to the compassionate life that you want to live. Learn how to up your vegan fashion game by applying the KonMari Method compassionately, so your wardrobe reflects your values without sacrificing your style. vegan clothing brands | cruelty free fashion | cruelty free style | pleather | konmari method | konmari closet | wardrobe editing | wardrobe edit closet

As a vegan or vegetarian, you are always consciously thinking of what’s in your kitchen, but what about the rest of your home — in your wardrobe, in your make up bag, even in your decor? As Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up and the genius behind the “KonMari Method” says, “Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.” So to state the obvious, if you are vegetarian or vegan and want to have a truly, completely cruelty-free lifestyle then you must only surround yourself with, and wear things that aspire to the compassionate life that you want to live and that speak to your beliefs. This post will show you how to apply the principles in The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up in this more compassionate way while upping your vegan fashion game.

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How To Use The KonMari Method To Go Vegan With Your Home Decor


If you want to have a truly cruelty-free lifestyle then you must only surround yourself with things that aspire to the compassionate life that you want to live. faux fur blanket | vegan leather | vegan fabric | pleather | pouf | throw | pillow | pink | blush | white | ivory | pottery barn | restoration hardware | crate and barrel | grey | bedroom | vegan | decor | inspiration | cruelty free | decorations for home | scandinavian | ideas | luxury | living room | gold | silver | moroccan

Confession time: In the last year I’ve become a little obsessed with minimalism and the KonMari Method. It all started with decluttering videos which were the “gateway” that got me hooked on minimalism and lead me to binge watch countless decorating and wardrobe culling videos on YouTube (Muchelle B’s 30 Days To Simplify Your Life Challenge series was my fave).

As most minimalism journeys go, all roads lead to the book, The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and consequently her signature “KonMari Method”. I had heard of the book previously but never realized the need to read it until now. Although I won’t be giving you a full fledged book review, I will say that despite some of the book being a little too “out there” for my tastes, the core concept of The KonMari Method is brilliant.

But unlike other articles you may have read about the KonMari Method of decluttering, this post will show you how to apply it within the context of a cruelty-free lifestyle so that your home decor will not only align with your ethics, but the life you aspire to.

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Pleather & Lace


Pleather and Lace Outfit via High Heels and High Morals | cruelty free clothing | fashion | style | French Connection | vegan leather skirt | pleather skirt | pleather skirt outfit | pleather skirt | faux leather skirt | faux leather skirt outfit | pencil skirt | ankle strap heels | Banana Republic | vegan fashion | black | white | simple | woman | brands | street style | street fashion | urban | outfit ideas | outfit ideas for women | outfit ideas for work | classy | chic
Banana Republic Lace Top, French Connection Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, Zara Trench Coat (similar here), Lulus Vegan Leather Ankle Strap Heels (similar here), NARS Lipstick in ‘Roman Holiday’

Have you ever found a clothing item that you can instantly envision pairing with several pieces in your wardrobe and that as soon as you buy it, it is immediately in constant rotation? That is exactly what happened with this gorgeous top from Banana Republic (which I scored for only $15 off Carousell!) As soon as I saw it I pictured pairing the delicate white lace with both my French Connection leather look pencil skirt and my favourite Cupcakes and Cashmere faux leather leggings to add an edgy appeal to each ensemble.

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New Beginnings


New Beginnings | High Heels and High Morals

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for the last year and in that in that time See, Love, Covet High Heels and High Morals has been given a brand new identity and site revamp. But much more than that has gone on behind the scenes…

A lot has changed in the last year in both my professional and my personal life, which has lead to this unplanned “hiatus”. There were both positive changes like my boyfriend, S officially moving in, and negative changes like experiencing creative burnout from juggling my full-time design job and my freelance business on top of running this blog. Then last May I was let go from my full-time gig due to budget cuts. It was this bittersweet change that lead me to re-evaluate my work/life balance, and finally be honest with myself about where I want my career to be long-term.

Needless to say, these (and a few other) life events also forced me to do some much-needed self care in the last year. Since this professional shift I have been focusing almost all of my energy on rebuilding and fine-tuning High Heels and High Morals, and beginning to take the necessary steps to turn this blog into a full-time business until I can as they say, quit my day job!

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Meet Lee Coren: The Vegan Textile Designer You Need To Know


Meet Lee Coren via High Heels and High Morals | vegan fashion | brands | cruelty free fashion | designers | style | faux leather | pleather | woman | chic | black | simple | classy | accessories | vegan handbag | vegan purses | faux leather purses | vegan leather | vegan suede bag | vegan fashion brands | high end vegan designers

Sorry for the delayed post! I have been sick for the past 2 weeks but still working and going about my days with a pretty packed schedule between freelancing, my full-time design job, and various home projects with my (very patient) boyfriend. But now that I have time, I am beyond excited to introduce you to your new favourite textile designer, Lee Coren. And guess what? Her designs are vegan!

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Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags + Wrapping Paper


Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags + Wrapping Paper | printable | wrapping paper | gift wrap | gift tags | christmas | free | freebies | black and white | design | words | pattern | watercolor

Happy holidays from See, Love, Covet! My gift to you this holiday season is free printable holiday gift tags AND free printable wrapping paper. What I love about DIY wrapping is that it’s not only prettier than typical store-bought wrapping paper, but unlike traditional wrapping paper which is made with chemical dyes, this wrapping paper can be recycled. Best of all, when you DIY your gift wrapping, you can wrap all of your gifts on the cheap — all you need is an ink jet printer, and kraft paper and twine from your local dollar store.

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