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More than a blog, High Heels and High Morals is a fashion mantra that extends to a lifestyle. As the name suggests, the goal of High Heels and High Morals is to show readers that great style and the moral decision to choose cruelty-free fashion are not mutually exclusive. From defining your style to decorating your home, and entertaining with compassion, High Heels and High Morals proves that cruelty-free is even better than the contrary.

Meet Leslie

Leslie is the designer and style blogger behind High Heels and High Morals. Always interested in visual expression, she began her professional career as a graphic designer working for brands primarily in the arts and fashion industries, and she began blogging in 2013 as a creative outlet to document the things she loves: fashion, beauty, and decor. A vegan since 2010, Leslie has been leading a cruelty-free lifestyle that not only informs her food choices, but also her style decisions, both of which she is passionate about. She created High Heels and High Morals (formerly known as See, Love, Covet) in 2014 as an amalgamation between those two passions, to show readers how to live a stylish and compassionate life by sharing her tips on cruelty-free fashion, beauty, decor, and entertaining.

Leslie’s blog projects on High Heels and High Morals have been featured in publications including ELLE DÉCOR, Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post Home, Chapter Friday, and Career Girl Daily.


High Heels and High Morals’ core purpose is to show readers how to cultivate a lifestyle that is both stylish and compassionate. So every style shown on the blog is animal hyde- and fur-free and every product featured on this blog is not tested on animals.*

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* The products featured on this blog are vegan and/or cruelty-free to the best of our knowledge. We encourage readers to do their own research.


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