New Beginnings


New Beginnings | High Heels and High Morals

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for the last year and in that in that time See, Love, Covet High Heels and High Morals has been given a brand new identity and site revamp. But much more than that has gone on behind the scenes…

A lot has changed in the last year in both my professional and my personal life, which has lead to this unplanned “hiatus”. There were both positive changes like my boyfriend, S officially moving in, and negative changes like experiencing creative burnout from juggling my full-time design job and my freelance business on top of running this blog. Then last May I was let go from my full-time gig due to budget cuts. It was this bittersweet change that lead me to re-evaluate my work/life balance, and finally be honest with myself about where I want my career to be long-term.

Needless to say, these (and a few other) life events also forced me to do some much-needed self care in the last year. Since this professional shift I have been focusing almost all of my energy on rebuilding and fine-tuning High Heels and High Morals, and beginning to take the necessary steps to turn this blog into a full-time business until I can as they say, quit my day job!

Rewind back to a few months before changing jobs: I felt restless in my design career, and knew deep down that I wanted to try my hand at lifestyle blogging full-time, but was afraid of failing. More than that, I was afraid of being potentially scrutinized by friends and family, since blogging is such a misunderstood career path.

I was also hesitant to put both of my feet into fashion blogging because I was shy super nervous to get in front of a camera. So for these reasons, I treated my blog as a hobby; and although I saw some successes in connecting with brands, my blog was essentially faceless. This lead to a lack of inspiration, and in turn I became creatively stagnant and lost my momentum as a blogger.

But since deciding to take the leap and work towards becoming a full-time blogger I have resolved to jump in with both feet. To begin doing so, I have given the blog a major branding overhaul and a new name that more eloquently communicates the brand mission.

Why The Name?

After 2 years of being on the fence about my former blog name, “See, Love, Covet”, I found a spark of inspiration from a phrase I kept seeing around the vegan/vegetarian community, “High Heels and Higher Morals”, which was a confident way of saying, “Hey, I have great style and even greater ethics.” Moreover, it was an empowering phrase that perfectly embodied the spirit of this blog and my ultimate goal to show readers that great style and the ethical decision to choose cruelty-free fashion are not mutually exclusive.

With a slight tweaking to the phrase (with careful attention to removing “er” from “higher” to avoid being misinterpreted as a declaration of superiority to our readers), High Heels and High Morals was born.

I want High Heels and High Morals to inspire readers and show them all of the small but significant things that they can do to be compassionate without sacrificing style, but rather, enhancing it.


What’s Next?

I have an ambitious To Do list for this blog, including lofty goals of connecting with cruelty-free brands and even expanding my recently launched blog shop to be a destination for fashion and home goods from ethical makers and creators that I admire. But more than anything, my goal at High Heels and High Morals is to create a community of like-minded, passionate people who want to live cruelty-free in their everyday life; from what they wear, to what they eat, and what they decorate their homes with.

I want High Heels and High Morals to inspire readers and show them all of the small but significant things that they can do to be compassionate without sacrificing style, but rather, enhancing it.

So stay tuned for all of the exciting new content coming up on the blog! Whether you’re a longtime reader or a new one, I hope that you will join me in this cruelty-free journey, and I hope that it inspires you.

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