Summer Bed Styling 2 Ways with Parachute Home


Summer Bed Styling 2 Ways via High Heels and High Morals | summer bedroom ideas | decor | bedding | throw pillows | palm print | bedroom | home | apartment | house | modern | chic | minimalist | white | inspiration | decorating | styling | minimalistic | parachute home

There’s nothing I love more than crawling into crisp, cool, sheets after a long summer day. And summer is the perfect time to break out the pretty floral prints. I use white bedding year round, since it’s the ideal canvas for bed styling to suit your mood, allowing you to switch up your throw pillows and blankets to change the look whenever you want. I typically prefer the Scandinavian, black and white aesthetic, but nothing says summer like floral prints (and my new favourite, palm print!)

With inspiration from Parachute Home, I have put together 2 ways to try summer bed styling, including lightweight summer bedding, summer decor, and tips on how to cool down and unwind on those hot summer nights.

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Home Decor Secrets: Eco-Friendly Rug Pads


Home Decor Secrets: Eco-Friendly Rug Pads via High Heels and High Morals | rug pad | rug pad diy | rug padding | rug pad hacks | rug pads for less | eco friendly | natural | decorating ideas for the home | moroccan shag rug | budget | cruelty free decor | home | bedroom | living room | inspiration | interior design | rug pad usa

I recently received two eco-friendly rug pads from the lovely people over at Rug Pad USA in exchange for writing a review on See, Love, Covet—and I love them! Rug pads are a functional item that are often an afterthought, but they’re a secret weapon when it comes to decorating. If you’re taking the time to pick out the perfect rug, then it is important that you take the time to pick out the perfect rug pad to keep it in place! With Rug Pad USA, they make picking out the perfect rug pad easy, and best of all they’re eco-friendly, meaning their products are made with chemical-free materials. So their rug pads are good for you, and your home!

Read on to learn how to choose the perfect rug pad that fits your needs and your space, and see my review on my Rug Pad USA picks…

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Quick Guide: Stocking Your Bar Cart


How To Stock Your Bar Cart: A Quick Guide via High Heels and High Morals | vegan cocktails | vegan cocktail party | bar | bar cart styling | apartments | ideas | decor | tips | Ikea | gold | diy | simple | small | alcohol | display | party | copper | interiors | white | ikea hack | ikea ideas | printable | checklist | guide

This week I was at my favourite local whiskey bar and was introduced to a great new bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon (it’s vegan!), which I promptly went out and bought for my at home bar. This inspired me to take inventory of my bar cart, and write a quick guide on stocking your bar cart , complete with links to my top picks for liquors and mixers, and what barware and glassware I use as a bartending newbie. For detailed bar cart styling tips check out my previous post on Bar Cart Style.

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Lush Beauty Haul: Winter


Lush Beauty Haul for Winter via High Heels and High Morals | cruelty free products | cruelty free skin care | cruelty free face | brands | companies | vegan | lush | products | cosmetics | face | skincare | mask | best | lip scrub | moisturizer | collection | body | buffy | canada | perfume | toner | cleanser | rose | lotion | shop | haul | cream | winter | dry skin

Lush Beauty Haul

If you ask me what my number one favourite beauty brand is, it would be Lush. Aside from their amazing line of products, their company has a strong ethical backbone, and a deep respect for both their employees, and their customers. They’re always giving back to their customers, and in fact, they’ve reached out to me and paid me to be a customer experience shopper four times. But all of that aside, I am a seriously loyal Lush customer. I could write a list a mile long of all of my favourite Lush products, but instead I have rounded up my favourite Lush products tailored to the winter season, and provided Lush product reviews for each. By incorporating these cruelty-free Lush products into your daily routine, you will be ready to brave the harsh winter weather, and take your beauty acumen to new levels.

Read after the jump for a list of my top Lush beauty products for winter skin

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Porcelain Dolls: Fair Skin Makeup Tips


Make Up Essentials for Fair Skin | cruelty-free makeup | cruelty free products | cruelty free cosmetics | cruelty free beauty | cruelty free skin care | cruelty free brands | cruelty free canada | fair skin | pale skin | cruelty free foundation | cruelty free concealer | cruelty free companies | cruelty free lipstick | cruelty free skincare | vegan | Sephora | cruelty free hair | cruelty free face

Image via Pop Sugar
I have never been one to pay attention to trends, but I was happy to see the “bronze” trend slowly on it’s way out over the last couple of years. This was mainly because of my naturally fair skin (which was mocked when I was younger), but also because of the fundamental belief that I’ve come to subscribe to, which is that natural is beautiful. What I once viewed as a “flaw”, I have come to embrace — and dare I say love — my alabaster completion. Aside from the kind of self-acceptance that only comes with age, this newfound confidence was mainly thanks to the emergence of stunning, fair-skinned celebs that changed my standard of beauty. I realized that you didn’t have to be bronze to be beautiful, and pale is pretty (thanks, Emma Stone!)

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Bar Cart Style: Tips on Styling and Stocking a Home Bar


Image of IKEA Gold Bar Cart

If you asked me what my favourite piece of decor in my apartment is, I would say it’s my bar cart. Not because I use it all the time, but because it adds so much character to my little downtown apartment. Although I wish I could own a vintage brass bar cart like this, I still love my thrifty, Ikea-hacked bar cart (originally from the blog, Carrie Bradshaw Lied). And if you decide to take on this fabulous tutorial, be sure to check out this super-handy post on Finding The Perfect Gold Spray Paint by Brittany Makes, which guided me in choosing Design Master’s Brilliant Gold Colortool Spray which is a stunning, warm honey-gold. Even after the first coat, this product dispelled my fears about gold spray paint looking cheap, and after I was done painting the cart, the paint looked anything but gaudy.

Read on after the jump to find out how I did it…

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