(Vegan) Backyard Entertaining Guide Inspired By Nicole Richie


(Vegan) Backyard Entertaining Guide Inspired By Nicole Richie via High Heels and High Morals | vegan party | entertaining ideas | tips | decor | food | party | casual | appetizers | tables | fun | summer | outdoor | dinner | backyard | for adults | friends | bbq | elegant | diy | patio | home

Image via The Coveteur
Like myself, you may not be a fan of all of Nicole Richie’s fashion choices (*ahem* the fur and leather), but you can’t deny that the House of Harlow 1960 designer has impeccable taste, and I myself, definitely love her bold and eccentric fashion sense. After seeing her beautiful backyard featured on The Coveteur, it’s apparent that her unique taste in fashion translates to her home decor aesthetic as well. Just like her fashions, her backyard retreat incorporates ethnic and textural elements juxtaposed with glam and industrial accents, creating a laid-back backyard retreat that is not only chic, but utterly cool. And after reading all about the A-list dinner party she hosted last summer on Domaine Home, I am suddenly inspired to host my own “laid-back chic” alfresco dinner party. But until I move out of my apartment and have a backyard of my own, a girl can only dream!

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A Guide to 5 Must-Have Bags


The Ultimate Handbag Guide: 5 Must-Have Vegan Bags via High Heels and High Morals | vegan fashion | brands | cruelty free fashion | designers | style | faux leather | pleather | woman | chic | black | simple | classy | accessories | vegan handbag | vegan purses | faux leather purses | vegan leather | vegan suede bag | vegan fashion brands | guide

Image via Zara
Purses are something that we use every day, and they are such a regular staple that they sometimes blend into the background of our wardrobes, and consequently get overlooked. There was once a time not so long ago that I was a one-bag-fits all kind of gal, and my friends often made fun of me for carrying around the same large purse everywhere I go (hey, I could fit everything I needed in there!). Although said purse checked all the right boxes for style, storage, and durability, the reality is that it just didn’t work for every occasion and outfit. After coming to terms with this newfound realization, I finally opened my eyes to the (surprisingly) wide world of purses. There are many different kinds of purses, each with their individual styles and purposes for every fashion, occasion, or season. After perusing my favourite websites, I have round up some picks for the 5 essential purses that every girl should have in her wardrobe (and best of all: they are all vegan leather!)

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