Quick Guide: Stocking Your Bar Cart


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This week I was at my favourite local whiskey bar and was introduced to a great new bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon (it’s vegan!), which I promptly went out and bought for my at home bar. This inspired me to take inventory of my bar cart, and write a quick guide on stocking your bar cart , complete with links to my top picks for liquors and mixers, and what barware and glassware I use as a bartending newbie. For detailed bar cart styling tips check out my previous post on Bar Cart Style.

Graphic encouraging the download of the Perfect Bar Cart Checklist

Stocking Your Bar Cart

See below for a list of my bar cart essentials

1. The Perfect Cart:

Vintage Brass and Glass Bar Cart

2. Bitters:

Scrappy’s Bitters (my faves are lime and lavender)

3. Glassware:

Fleur-De-Lys Tumblers

4. Tools:

Forged Bar Tool Set
Noctua Wing Corkscrew in Gold

5. Barware:

Black Nuance Cocktail Shaker
Gold Rimmed Ice Bucket
Whiskey Stones
Black and White Paper Straws

6. Mixers:

Tonic: Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water
Club Soda: Fever-Tree Spring Club Soda
Ginger Ale: Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale
Fruit Juice: Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Cordial (check out the rest of their flavours here)
Botanical Waters: Fee Brothers Rose Water (for Rose Water Gin & Tonics!)

7. Liquors:

Gin: Hendrick’s Gin
Vodka: 360 Vodka (360 Double Chocolate Vodka is delicious, too!)
Bourbon: Bulleit Bourbon
Whiskey: Jameson Irish Whiskey
Rum (Dark): Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum
Rum (White): Crusoe Organic Silver Rum

Also, don’t forget to always have garnishes like lemons and limes, olives, and cherries.

Graphic encouraging the download of the perfect bar cart checklist

So how do you stock your at home bar? What are you favourite bar cart essentials? Share your bar cart stocking tips in the comment section below.